Shaving Bundle

Shaving Bundle

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Redefine your morning routine with this the Golden Shaving Bundle.

We carefully crafted our shaving products to give you an intense, immersive experience that reinvigorates your skin and motivates you throughout the day. Keep your skin healthy and moisturized while you get a close smooth shave.

It's our goal that our shaving products instill you with a new sense of pride in how you look each day.

Shaving Gel - Penetrates quickly and softens those pesky little hairs. The gel adheres closely to protect the skin and the menthol creates a fresh and cooling sensation. We included a moisturizer to help heal any damage to your skin and keep you looking your best.

Aftershave - An invigorating splash of freshness that soothes your skin after you shave. It helps reduce skin irritability while acting as a powerful moisturizer, regenerating the top layer of the skin