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Give Back to Community

Your Community is a Pillar of your Identity

What’s your philosophy? What drives you to get up in the morning? How does your work impact the people around you?

Life is about learning daily, living boldly, and loving freely. The impact you have on others is the measure how how well you balance the three.

Built to Give Back

Golden Grooming sets aside a portion of our proceeds to donate to HBCUs and Entrepreneurship Programs. We maintain a fund of 5% of profits to be donated to help support and grow African American communities throughout the country. This includes HBCUs as well as individual entrepreneurship programs.

Our management team reviews suggestions for our customers and our staff and determines which organizations to donate to.

It’s our dream that as Golden Grooming grows, we’ll be able to grow this into a foundation that can help drive real change.

A Radical New world

We believe that systems are down stream from the public consciousness. We believe that lives are changed one at a time. We believe that it’s the responsibility of those of us who have built our own path to help others to find theirs.

By supporting organizations that teach and encourage entrepreneurship we believe that we’re able to help others reshape their communities and the world.

If you are involved with an organization that you believe fits into our criteria, please email us at giveback@goldengroomingco.com and tell us all about it. We’re always looking for new ways to support communities of all sizes.

Radical New World

Our Commitment to HBCUs

Since its inception, Golden Grooming has been dedicated to supporting financial stability of these historic educational and cultural institutions that provide a service for black people where the opportunity is lacking.

Safe And Nurturing Environment

HBCUs are strong institutions that have created safe, learning environments for our young adults seeking a higher education when all other colleges and universities refused their admittance.

They Do More With Less

While burdened with a chronic lack of federal, state, corporate and private funding, they develop the whole student as they navigate college life while instilling in them strategies and knowledge to be successful beyond the walls of the university.

They Instill Pride

There is a huge sense of pride and familial love for these institutions that have provided for them an environment that was safe, supportive and challenged them educationally so that they may be prepared for the world that awaits them.

Purposeful Engines of Change

Pushing and mentoring young men and women to challenge themselves to be the best so they may make significant contributions to society when they graduate into the world that waits them are what make these institutions great.

Feel Good
Look Good.
Feel Good.
Do Good.