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Beard and Hair Shampoo

Beard and Hair Shampoo

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How to Use

We've reformulated out beard and hair shampoo and we know you're going to love it. This new shampoo has more moisturizing power, to help keep your beard and hair healthy. Our conditioning ingredients keep your hair looking its best and feeling smooth.

A great beard and hair shampoo is essential to keeping your beard healthy.

Available In: 4 oz. (1 month supply)

How to use Beard and Hair Shampoo

Step 1Lather a little into your beard and hair.

Step 2Rinse, and you’re done.

Key Ingredients for Beard and Hair Shampoo

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil - Rich with Vitamin A and E, this helps keep your skin healthy and makes the beeswax smooth and spreadable.

Other Essential Oils

Other Essential Oils - Antioxidant and vitamin-rich oils that help nourish, moisturize and strengthen your beard.

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Customer Reviews


Based on 11 reviews


Trevor H.

Enjoying the product already

Yes I really like it.


DeVonte M.

Lifetime customer

I love all the products I ordered. I ordered because I seen Herman Moore and he was my favorite WR coming up and I’m from Detroit. So I’ll be buying more. The lip balm is the best I’ve ever had.


Roderick M.

Great Product!

The shampoo is great. You don't need ton for it to do a good job so that's good. I wish the bottle was a little bit bigger because even though you don't need a lot i'm heavy handed but overall a great product.


Brandon C.


This is my first time trying this product and so far so good...


Fletcher J.

4 stars

My overall experience is good, you have quality products.


Shakieta P.

Great service and great products


Uzoma O.

I enjoy using the beard and hair shampoo. The citrus orange fragrance smells very good!


Purnell H.

A must buy

Fantastic! Leaves it manageable


Klebert, A.

Super dope product

I like this product, I like the fact that I can use it for both my beard and body. And it leaves my skin so smooth afterwards. My only hope is that you guys make the bottles bigger again so it can actually last me a month as advertised. Other than that the product is dope.


Jizziah C.


Great product. Cleans good and smells even better , while not harmful to skin at same time.


LeAlec M.

Love This Product!

I have tried a few other beard and face washes after I first purchased this wash and I quickly came back! I will definitely be ordering more!

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