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Beard Oil

Beard Oil

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How to Use

Our all-natural beard oil is packed with the best ingredients your beard, and the skin underneath it, both need to grow healthy and thick.

This is our most powerful formula yet.

Healthy beards grow from healthy skin. So start caring for yours today. We know you'll love the results.

Available In: 1 oz. (1 month supply)

How does it smell? An intoxicating blend of tea tree oil, citrus, and peppermint will have your girl cozying up to your beard every chance she gets.

How to use Beard Oil

Step 1Place 3 to 4 drops in the palm of your hand.

Step 2Spread it evenly on your palms and fingers.

Step 3Massage product into beard with fingers(upward motion for medium to long beards, downward for shorter beards).

Step 4Repeat steps 1-3 if needed

Step 5Style beard as desired.

Key Ingredients for Beard Oil

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil - Stimulates hair growth! This powerful essential oil is packed with Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids, which are proven to kickstart hair growth.

Black Castor Oil

Black Castor Oil - To moisturize, thicken, strengthen and rapidly increase hair growth. It increases blood flow, supplying valuable nutrients to hair follicles.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil - Soothes itchy skin, keeps beard dandruff under control and increases hair growth.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil - Works as a moisturizer a beard softener.

Other Essential Oils

Other Essential Oils - Antioxidant and vitamin-rich oils that help nourish, moisturize and strengthen your beard.

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Customer Reviews


Based on 170 reviews


Kenardis H.

Good product.

Very good product. It moisturizes the beard and skin underneath as advertised. I definitely recommend. 👍�


Nelson W.

Woopty Woop!

I've tried 5 different Beard oil/Balm product pairs and hands down THIS IS Golden!💥💯 REAL TALK👊. I had it in my cabinet for about 3 weeks before I decided to bust it out one evening and DAMN! I was sold immediately. The smell is terrific and the long lasting softness of my Beard was the Hook line and sinker. Verified by my wife. I said nothing about it and without provocation, immediately she commented on the smell and ofcourse the touch. Oh GOLDEN is my brand and I'll certainly be ordering 911😉. Thank you✊👊


Morrocco W.


Easy to apply and gives a tingling sensation


Brandon S.


Completely satisfied with this product. Keeps my beard moisturized and the smell is great


Christopher R.

Golden Grooming Beard oil is the best!

I use the Golden Grooming Beard oil every day. Once I began using it the texture & length of my facial hair has improved greatly!


Morris T.

Excellent beard oil

Adds a nice sheen and smells great!


James S.

Excellent product

Easy to use and the results are amazing.


Devin F.

Buy it

Overall it’s a good oil the luster just fades quickly for me. I like the fact that the oil doesn’t feel “heavy”. Wish it had a slight manly scent to it.


Abasi C.

Good products

very good product i recommend it to everyone


Kenny R.

Good results

It’s actually giving good results


Gary V.

Good oil

Good oil, used after drying beard after shower.


Joshua W.

J. Williams- Enjoy the product

I've purchased a few of these over the last year since growing out my beard. I like the smell of peppermint I get. It's not overbearing. Once I apply it to my beard it's immediately easier to comb through.

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