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Deep Exfoliating Scrub

Deep Exfoliating Scrub

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How to Use

Most guys don't know about exfoliating. But what you should know is that exfoliating your face once a week removes the dead layer of skin revealing a fresh new layer and keeps your skin looking its best.

Our Deep Clean Exfoliating Scrub will keep your skin clean and clear without over-drying. Our formula gently and completely cleans your handsome face so you don't need to use toner. The Jojoba Beads help gently slough off dead skin revealing a youthful glow and helps to retexturize, smooth and renew dull, dry, bumpy skin.

How to use Deep Exfoliating Scrub

Step 1Exfoliate your face and neck every 4 to 5 days.

Step 2Squeeze a dime-sized amount into hands then rub hands together.

Step 3Apply to face in circular, upward motions. Be gentle with your skin; you don't need heavy pressure to cleanse.

Step 4Rinse, then pat dry.

Key Ingredients for Deep Exfoliating Scrub

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil - Gently but powerfully cleans dead skin, dirt, and oil, without over drying.

Organic Jojoba Beads

Organic Jojoba Beads - Tenderly sloughs off dead skin.

Organic Aloe

Organic Aloe - Hydrates and soothes skin.

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Olive Oil - Additional hydration to prevent dry skin.

Organic Rooibos, Calendula, White Tea Extracts

Organic Rooibos, Calendula, White Tea Extracts - Provides anti-inflammatory benefits.

Vitamins A, C, B5, & E

Vitamins A, C, B5, & E - Provides anti-ageing benefits.

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Customer Reviews


Based on 52 reviews


William H.

Great Products

I bought the exfoliating scrub, face wash, face moisturizer and I love them all! My skin has never felt and looked better.


Walter P.

Love it

I love this product it has great exfoliating products but it’s not too aggressive, just enough to get the job done.


Benjamin B.

Good product

I like how the beads are almost unnoticeable and leaves your skin smooth after use. I usually get oily after sleep but that has been nonexistent after first use. Just wish it was a bigger bottle bc I use it in my beard too.


Ashley L.

Great Product's

Love the products, I use the Body Balm, Deep Exfoliating Scrub , and the No Limits Solid Cologne, my wife loves the smell of the cologne, suggestion , make more products for men like me, no facial hair, and bald head, maybe bald shaving cream, moisturizer for the head


Marcus E.

Good stuff

I like it


Adrian W.

Really Like The Products

Recently got home from deployment and have started using your beard products. I want to grow my beard more fuller so I will continue to use the products!


Dwayne M.

Best I've found so far...

I've tried several exfoliation products for men and this is by far the best one yet. I was confused by the buttery feeling left after using the product but quickly realized it was moisturizer. Ill be purchasing this as long as I can!!


Leroy J.

This is good stuff

Used it twice so far and it works really well. My skin looks great and it smells amazing!



It's ok

No lather to it doesn't feel like I'm cleaning my face


Ashley L.

Golden Review

Great, love the deep clean, leaves my face with a very clean feel, your products are the first Black Made, For Black Men, God Bless!


Tyler B.

It is great

I love this it makes my skin feel good


Jerome W.

Blessing to my face!

I absolutely LOVE this scrub! I was initially skeptical because previous exfoliating scrubs never worked on my skin. This deeply cleanses my skin while also moisturizing it, I was surprised by how much dirt was washed from my face. It left my skin soft and hydrated.

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