Green Tea Daily Face Moisturizer

Green Tea Daily Face Moisturizer

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How to Use

Our new Green Tea Face Moisturizer is fast-absorbing with natural ingredients to moisturize, nourish and protect your face without clogging pores.

Ideal for men with sensitive, oily, normal and combo skin types.

This is the best oil-free face lotion for black men and other men of color and will not make your face oily or shiny.

Pair with our Face Wash and Face Scrub for a complete skincare routine.

Powerful & Potent: The 2.4 oz. tube should last 2-3 months with typical use.

Better Ingredients @ a lower price: Our face moisturizer costs $3-4 less per ounce than other popular natural and organic brands.

How to use Green Tea Daily Face Moisturizer

Step 1Wash your face and neck.

Step 2Squeeze a dime-sized amount into fingers.

Step 3Apply to Green Tea moisturizer in circular, upward motions

Key Ingredients for Green Tea Daily Face Moisturizer

Green Tea

Green Tea - Moisturizes and soothes your skin while minimizing signs of aging.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter - A super moisturizer that conditions and soothes your skin.

Oat Kernel Extract

Oat Kernel Extract - Anti-inflammatory, moisturizes and soothes skin. Helps with skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, acne and dry itchy skin

Vitamins A, C, B5, & E

Vitamins A, C, B5, & E - Provides anti-ageing benefits.

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Customer Reviews


Based on 28 reviews


Romal T.

A keeper

Will be ordering again soon


Miles J.

Green tea face moisturizer

It’s Good product 💯


Cameron D.

In love with!!!!

We had a slight issue with a leakage problem when I first recieved ..but it wasn't that much of a problem to where I needed to replace..but thus far I'm liking it ,i was a fan of scotch porter but it was getting a little pricey😬,But back to matter at hand that green tea moisturizer is Phenomenal i wish it was bigger..but i like it so you in a few months🤜💥🤛


Taino S.

Moisturizes perfectly

It moisturizes my face very well using a very small amount.


Errol P.

Great rich moisturizer for dry skin

Used this for about a month now and I love it. It has a lovely subtle natural green tea scent and it’s very rich. A little goes a long way, so this tube will last a while.


Malcolm M.


This product is thick and really sits on your face. It does moisturize and does held my eye lids where I do have a dryness issue but I don't glow. I can feel it on my face but I do not feel oily.


Tommy H.


This product is a great to replenish and fresh your face.


Markus B.

Moisturizer Green Tea

This product works perfectly w/ my skin and i love the moisture.


Cody B.

Face Lotion Review

I truly adore this face lotion. It keeps my face hydrated for a long period of time through the day as it said it would. It is also not all sticky or to oily like other companies that produce facial lotion. Plus, the biggest value of this product is that it is made by black people, so, when you buy this product you are supporting your own and help circulate the black dollar 5x and more.


Matthew G.

5 Stars

This moisturizer last all day and my beard remains soft all day long.



So far nice product

Usually face moisturizers breaks my face out with acne after a few days of use. So far so good with this product. 1 negative is I’m not a fan of the tea smell ( well any smell I prefer fragrance free) when I 1st apply but the smell disappears quickly after applying.


Lester W.

Awesome product

I love the green tea face moisturizer and the new body balm, does wonders for my face and I'm a person with sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend their product line.

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